Being an Open Company: Here's Our Open Product Roadmap

Watermelon is a company that lives the open-source ethos to the fullest. We have our codebase open-sourced. We have open salaries and we have some open metrics (both coming soon).

We have our product roadmap open to the general audience. In this blog post you can take a look at it. We will be constantly updating our public GitHub Projects board. That’s it, here it is!

We’re doing this because we’ve been learning a lot from talking to our users. In fact we’ve seen that this has increased the number of contributors in our repo. This is because by sharing our roadmap, developers get excited about seeing Watermelon materialize in its best shape possible. 

We also admire what companies like Buffer and Trello have done. This philosophy brings more transparency from a company to its user base. 

Finally, if you think something is missing please open a GitHub issue.